Rosentanz is a 17 h 2004 Oldenburg mare by Rosenthal out of Wiesentanz (Wolkentanz).  We knew she was special from day one and are now extremely proud to feature “Rose” as one of our primary broodmares. Rose was 2009 Training Level Horse of the Year with rider/trainer, Jessica Jo Tate, with a median score of 79.8% which was the highest score ever recorded.  She gets 8’s and 9’s for gaits. She has been a winner from an early age with multiple regional breed show wins and national titles (see below).  In addition to her productive show career, she is a proven producer, with winning foals, Song’n’Dance and Walberto, by embryo transfer.  Rose came home last summer to begin a career as a mom.  We are optimistic that her filly by Furstenball will also be a winner!


WESTEROS (2014).  We have been so impressed with Walberto that we bred Rose back to Wamberto.  Westeros is a dark bay/brown colt with a super disposition and amazing canter like his big brother Walbeto.

FLORABELLA (2013) is by Furstenball more info about her is available on our sale page!

WALBERTO (2009) is by the Dutch stallion Wamberto (a Rousseau son).  Walberto has 3 extremely good gaits, but his canter is the highlight!   Benjamin Pfabe has done a wonderful job with him.  He showed for the first time this winter in Florida and won 2 of his 3 classes.  He was Hore of Course high score  winner at Global Dressage Festival with a 78+%.  See article in Dressage Daily about Walberto and his trainer Benjamin Pfabe:

SONG’N’DANCE (2008), aka Samba, is now owned by Jane Rude in Oregon. She is by Sinatra Song and out of Rosentanz. Jane  says “She is a lovely young lady with a fantastic mind and wonderful gaits.  She is, in my opinion, the most beautiful horse with the sweetest personality I’ve ever had the pleasure to own.  She truly is my dream horse! It was love at first sight for both my trainer and I.  Not only is Samba conformationally very correct with lovely gaits, she clearly exhibited a superior mind.   The mare has little or no spook – I currently live in Central Oregon and my arena is surrounded by Juniper trees as well as sage and bitter brush.  We are also in a deer migration overlay so have lots of critters wandering by.  My best example of her mind would be the day I was cantering her and, as we approached the end of my arena that overlooks an undeveloped 40 acre piece of property, she sucked back a bit.  Given that this was a “new” thing, I opted to do a 20 meter circle at that end to see what the problem was.  As we came around that end again, she sucked back and was clearly looking outside the arena.  When I followed her eyes, I noticed that there were 4 deer standing in the shadows of the Juniper trees right outside of my arena.  We were both immediately distracted by the sight – Samba’s response was to quietly stop, look at the deer for a moment and then we were straight back to work, the deer forgotten.” Below is a video of Samba under saddle! Thank you, Jane, for keeping in touch! We love to hear the progress of our babies.


National Titles
2009 USDF Training Level Horse of the Year median score 79.8% (highest score ever recorded)

2009 USDF All Breeds Oldenburg Training Level Champion

2008 USDF All-Breeds Oldenburg DSHB (Dressage Sport Horse Breeding) Champion  for 4 y/o  & Older Maiden/Yeld mares

2008 USDF DSHB HOY, Fourth place, 4 y/o & Older Maiden/Yeld Mares

2007 USDF
All-Breeds Oldenburg DSHB, Champion   for 3 y/o  fillies

2008 Adequan/USDF Year-End Award, Fourth place, 4 y/o & Older Maiden/Yeld Mares

2007  USDF  DSHB HOY, Fourth place, 3 y/o fillies

2007  Great American/USDF Breeders Championship Final, Southern Region Grand Champion filly, 77.9%

2006 USDF DSHB HOY, Third, 2 y/o fillies with a score of 80.85%

2006 USDF All-Breeds DSHB Oldenburg, Champion  for 2 y/o  fillies

2006 German Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society High Score HOY with an 80.85%

Show Results


Palm Beach Dressage Derby

  • Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge IIFirst Level, Test 2  68.61%
  • First Level, Test 3  69.429%
  • First Level, Test 1  74.333%
  • First Level, Test 2  68.889%
  • Training Level, Test 4  75.2%

VADA/NOVA Summer June Show

  • Training Level, Test 2  80%
  • Training Level, Test 4  79.6%

Dressage at Lexington

  • Training Level, Test 2  82.857%
  • Training Level, Test 2  75.357%
  • Training Level, Test 3  80%
  • Training Level, Test 4  82%

EEMI Summer Fling

  • Training Level, Test 4  72%

Fall, 2008

First Annual

Oldenburg Horse Show at High Point Hanoverians in Chestertown, MD

  • Mare Performance Test, Premium
  • First, 4-6 y/o Mare Class
  • Reserve Champion Mature Mare

Spring, 2008

Texas Dressage Classic I

  • Training Level Test 4 won her class with a 74%!
  • This was the high score of the day.

Texas Dressage Classic II

  • Training Level Test 4, 65.6%, second

Texas Dressage Classic I Sporthorse Breeding

  • First 4 y/o & older maiden & yeld mares class with a 79.3%
  • Champion Mare of the show and was a USDFBC Qualifier

Proud Meadows Breed Show I

  • First  4 y/o & older Maiden & yeld mares 76.75%
  • Champion Mare, USDFBC qualifier
  • Oldenburg Champion
  • High Score horse of the day

Proud Meadows Breed Show II

  • First 4 y/o & older Maiden & yeld mares 81.5%
  • Champion Mare, USDFBC qualifier
  • High Score horse of the day

November, 2007

Rosentanz and her trainer, Emilee Reed,  participated in the Young Dressage Horse Trainers Symposium in Colorado with Scott Hassler & Michael Klimke! They were extremely impressed with her.  Several times Scott commented  on  her fabulous mind and work ethic, and her wonderful gaits.

October, 2007

Southern Region Great American/USDF Breeders Championship Final

  • Grand Champion Filly, 77.9%

Proud Meadows Fall Sporthorse Breed Show I

  • First, Fillies of 2004, 77%
  • Champion Filly
  • Great American/USDF Breeders Championship Qualifier
  • Champion German Oldenburg IBC, 77%
  • High Score German Oldenburg of the show

Proud Meadows Fall Sporthorse Breed Show II

  • First, Fillies of 2004, 80.7%
  • Champion Filly
  • Great Amarican/USDF Breeders Championship Qualifier
  • “Born in the USA” Award
  • High Score horse of the show

August, 2007

Hanoverian Inspection

  • Rose was presented for approval for Hanoverian breeding
  • Non-Hanoverian Champion  with an 8.16 (out of 6 mares).
  • Second highest score for the inspection tour for all mares.

June, 2007

Proud Meadows Breed Show I.

  • First Fillies of 2004 class with a score 0f 78.4%
  • Champion Filly
  • Champion German Oldenburg Breed Restricted Class  with an 80%
  • High point horse of the day
  • “Born in the USA” award


USDF DSHB Open HOY Final standing

  • Third in the nation for 2 y/o fillies with a median score of 80.850%

USDF All Breeds HOY for the German Oldenburg Division:

  • First  2 y/o old fillies with a median score of 80.85%

Highest Scoring German Oldenburg of all ages for DSHB in 2006

Dressage at Lexington (Lexington, VA)

  • First 2-year old Filly Class  76.0%
  • German Oldenburg Breed Restricted Class 72.2%
  • Third in the filly Championship class

Too Hot to Trot Sport Horse Breed Show I at
Morven Park, VA

  • First  2-Year Old Filly Class 81.3% out of 14
  • Champion German Oldenburg Breed Restricted Class  81.9% out of 9
  • Championship Class  Participant

Too Hot to Trot Sport Horse Breed Show II at
Morven Park, VA

  • Third  2-Year Old Filly Class  82.1%  out of 14 in class
  • Champion German Oldenburg Breed Restricted Class  82.1% out of 9

Dressage at Devon (the most prestigious breed show
in the country)

  • Third 2-Year Old Filly Class 80.4% (out of 38 fillies)
  • Sixth  German Oldenburg Breed Restricted Class with 77.9% out of 20

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