Clinics and Events

We are lucky to host dressage clinics regularly with Jessica Jo Tate, Scott Hassler, and David Blake, and occasionally with Anne Gribbons. We try to keep the following calendar as up to date as possible!  So, just scroll down the calendar to see upcoming events and clinics, or subscribe to the website to receive announcements and updates for upcoming events!


At the April Texas Dressage Classic I in Tyler Benny rode Ruidoso in his first dressage test.  The warmup the first day was wet, cold and windy, but Rio handled it like an old pro.  The open space was very conducive to a young horse.  He did great Friday scoring a 71.458%  at Training Level test 1 and winning the class; unfortunately, we had to scratch the next day.  He wouldn’t drink the water and became dehydrated.  We and had to give him 20 L of IV fluids.  I subsequently found out that the water there has a lot of iron and there have been many instances of horse getting dehydrated and colicking at that facility.  Will bring our own water next time!

At the Houston Dressage Show in April Dolomit made his Int-2 debut with Jackie winning the class with a 64.079% with Danish judge, Kurt Christensen.   The pair also won the I-2 class on day 2 of the show.

At the Dallas Dressage Club Spring Show I & IIDolomit won both Int-2 classes.    Benny showed Ruidoso in the USEF 4 y/o Young horse test, but Rio was a little overwhelmed by the indoor arena and had some tension.  The pair did place 2nd and the judges were very impressed with him.

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